Pure Water window cleaning

Why 100% H20 ?

Safest, most effective and efficient method of window cleaning available today.

Advantages of Pure Water Cleaning

* Safety
* No ladder for most projects
*  More efficient than standard window cleaning tools
*  Superior results, windows stay cleaner longer
* Reach 3 story plus

Eliminates the dangers involved with ladders.  Damages ladders can do to landscaping and buildings. Reach difficult area’s ladder’s can not get access to. Does a better job of cleaning the window’s framework and glass without leaving streaks or lint from detailing.

Pure water window cleaning is a process realized by European window cleaners. Unlike in America, where clients have their windows cleaned once or twice a year. Window cleaners in the UK and Germany. Clean the windows of clients , once or twice a month. That’s a whole lot of ladder moving!! More time on ladders. Means a higher likelihood of ladder accidents. This frequency rate, national health care and regulations. Invention out of necessity, the water fed pole was born. This technology is gaining wider use in the states.  Pure water window cleaning is simple, yet extremely safe and effective.

Water itself is the cleaning agent.
The water draws like a magnet , the impurities out from glass.  Because pure water wants to return to its natural state… Which is having some mineral content.

Pure water- Is water that contains no mineral content. (Known as TDS – Total Dissolve Solids)

Water is purified, which removes all mineral content (TDS) and electrostatic charge from it. By a four or five stage process. Pre-filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, reverse osmosis, deionized.  Water becomes a magnet ,  drawing impurities out of glass. Pure water wants to return to its natural state of neutral. Which is having some mineral content. It becomes rain water during the cleaning process. Which will not spot windows, due to minimal TDS.

Purified 100% H2O  is then pumped through a hose. To the end of a Water Fed Pole. Water comes out of “jets” on a specialized window cleaning brush. Windows, frames, tracks and sills are scrubbed. The dirt is drawn into suspension within the water. Then the glass is rinsed with the pure water. The rinsing procedure takes the place of using a squeegee. Pure water dries “SPOT FREE”   Leaving impeccable results.

There are quite a few steps/techniques. The operator must do to insure a 100% clean window using this technology. This includes how to go about doing the cleaning. As well which brush should be used. It takes more than just water and a brush. To get a clean window :)

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