Window Cleaning FAQ

Service Options
* Every 4 months 3x per year
* Quarterly 4x per year
* Bi-monthly
* monthly
* Bi-Annual every 6 months
* Annual – once a year

The majority of my residential customers are on,  Bi-Annual service
* Holidays
* Spring/Summer

Window cleaning service

Exterior.. Traditional- Windows, Screens, wiping tracks top/sides/bottom and sills.
Pure Water- Windows, Screens , Frames, tracks and sills.

Interior .. Traditional – Windows , Frames and wiping of sill . **Does not included cleaning of track under window**

To keep windows cleaner longer remove the screens. Unless you open the window often. Screens attract the dirt from the air.  Then when it rains , it is pasted onto the window.  Windows get dirty from screens ,frames and tracks . Unless we get a dirty rain here in Oklahoma.

Also using detergents on glass draws dirt to it. Since it leaves a slight film on the surface. Why I use pure water for the all the projects I can.  50% increase in glass staying cleaner longer.

Services requiring additional charges-

* Neglected windows from lack of cleaning.  * Cleaning of track under window * Removal of paint over spray or construction debris.  * Hard water stain removal, is a cost per window. Requires specific steps, materials and solution’s. * New construction /Re-model * Difficult access area’s  * window treatments , to repel hard water staining

Fabrication Debris
window cleaning tips
Pure Water
Hard Water Stains

Example of  stains from the building and hard water .

Commercial building (Gateway mortgage )

It is a more time consuming project , more products used .  To deal with the issues and get the glass cleaned. Then maintaining the glass to keep it up.  More information below.

building stain and hard water removal on windows at commercial building. In tulsa,ok

Mineral  Deposit’s  / Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains or mineral deposits can occur all the way up sixty six stories, or just on the first floor.  They can come from brickwork, concrete facades, sprinkler systems, or the garden hose.  When they form they can be extremely difficult to remove.

Hard water drops are hard, because they are loaded with silicate based minerals.
These silicates usually include the elements silicon, oxygen, aluminum, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and sodium. They are very similar to the chemistry of window glass, and so have the tendency to “lock on” to the microscopic surface.

Over time serious damage can be done. The reason lies in the anatomy of the spot.
As that drop evaporates in the hot sun the concentration of silicates increases, and so does the pH of the water drop.  When the pH reaches 9 and above a chemical reaction begins leaching the hydrogen atoms from the glass surface.

Mineral deposits  start developing on an invisible level.  Then they become more and more noticeable until they are very unsightly and absolutely impossible to remove with a simple procedure. The greatest reason for this is, that such spots are very similar to the glass itself.  They are based on a combination of silicates and silica. This is what the matrix of glass is.  It is like trying to remove paint from paint.

Over time the exterior/weather side of window glass is attacked mostly by acid rain and is badly etched.  Water vapor reacts with the elements that make up soda lime. Literally leaching away certain atomic components of window glass .  You can actually feel this by lightly running a dry fingertip  across the dry inside surface of a storm window and compare this to the outside surface of the same plate of glass. The outside surface will be much more rough.

Acids which etch glass should never be used to remove mineral deposits since these can very quickly and easily destroy windows. It is because of these reasons that the correct procedure for “clearing” windows of mineral deposits can be expensive.

So if your window cleaner tells you that it would be a good thing to “restore” your windows, it would be a good thing to listen.

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