Window cleaning tips

#1 Do not use windex

Contains – Ammonium Hydroxide , 2-Hexoxyethonal . Which are toxic MSD’S . Plus you are paying for mostly water.

What should i clean my windows with? If you are going to use something from a can or spray bottle.  Sprayway

Use a old  towel or micro fiber .
Which is close to a T-bar scrubber professionals use…
* Spray glass , agitate surface with rag. Which brings dirt into solution.
* Wipe off best you can
*  Detail with a linen / cotton rag.

It is best not to clean hot glass in the sun. As this helps in getting a cleaner spot free window. Overcast days, early mornings and working first where the sun will be first. Then moving to areas of the house where there is shade left , is the best approach.

Mineral Deposit’s  / Hard water

Acids will open the glass and should never be used.  It will look good for awhile , but the damage will be worse later on.  Especially if it is not coated with protector / sealants.   The glass surface is not smooth , more like the moon .    Example – commercial building  ( Gateway Mortgage)

Cleaning you own windows 

Be aware it is a learned skill set. With years of learning the “art”  To get off to a good start with cleaning your windows.  It is important to have good quality equipment. Some of this will be more specialized, you should be able to find it at most big box stores.  Online , amazon or search  widow cleaning supplies shop.   Below is a list ,  of some of my window cleaning tools .

Preferably wide enough to fit the T-bar mop in.  14 to 18 inches , 3 to 6 gallons . The one shown , is great for professionals.  A little over the top for most home owners at 6 gallons.


​There are big differences in quality available and this is probably the most crucial tool of all. So I suggest purchasing a good one, like Unger or Ettore brand.

T-bar (Scrubber)

Most will have a scouring strip on one end. This is good to get off stubborn stains.
​Getting one with a swivel one is easier for difficult spots and far better when using a pole.  14 inch covers most residential


Take care using scrapers on glass! If you don’t know the correct methods, you could cause permanent damage!

Never scrape a dry window ! You can also use the 1 inch size.